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Stray cats are everywhere but they can live peacefully among us once they are sterilized & vaccinated. Too often cats become strays due to uncaring owners who toss them out the door. Those cats birth kittens which are termed ‘feral’ due to their fear of humans. And the cycle continues. Within 1.5 years there are 50+ cats in the colony which started with just one cat. Our TNR program stops the cycle. Our volunteers trap an average of 50 cats each month which are transported to a local clinic to be sterilized, vaccinated & microchipped. The tip of the left ear is clipped, signifying the cat has been sterilized. The cats are returned to their colonies where they are fed daily by our volunteers.


How does this program benefit the community? It stabilizes the population at manageable levels, it eliminates annoying behaviors associated with mating, it is more effective and less costly than repeated attempts at extermination, it assures our citizens a healthy environment free from rodents and disease, and it is the most humane solution for the cats.


Our TNR volunteers serve northern Palm Beach County, specifically Tequesta, Jupiter, Juno Beach and Palm Beach Gardens. Please call us if you need help trapping community cats in these towns. We ask for a small donation to help with the cost of sterilization, vaccinations and microchip. Call our main number at 561-835-9525 or our TNR Coordinator Leslee at 561-635-4606.

We do not remove cats and relocate them. But we can teach you how to move the cat's feeding station away from residences to a more obscure area. That helps to reduce the complaints from the cat haters who want the cats removed.

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