Gertrude Maxwell

In 1972, Gertrude Maxwell was horrified when she learned that every month over 90,000 animals were destroyed in the United States. Strays were being scooped up, and after five days or less, they were euthanized. As of Aug. 28, 1972, she was a pioneer in founding Save-A-Pet, Inc. Illinois in Highland Park, IL.

In 1972, Gertrude Maxwell also pioneered in founding Save-A-Pet’s “No Kill”  Goldman–Maxwell Sanctuary, Shelter and Adoption Center in Palatine, Illinois. On June 1, 1996, she cut the ribbon for the opening ceremonies of the new “Maxwell-Goldman Animal Shelter and Adoption Center,” a modern full-care facility in Grayslake, Illinois.

  • Gertrude Maxwell is the recipient of over 150 awards.

  • She was one of the most outspoken defenders of animals.

  • She offered humane answers to pet overpopulation.

From 1975 – 1978 Gertrude Maxwell ran Save A Pet, Inc. in Miami, FL.  In 1978 she moved to Palm Beach, FL  and started “Save Precious Lives” which was renamed Save A Pet Florida, Inc. in 1988.

Gertrude was a voice for the voiceless. She was very active in Save A Pet until she was 98 years old. Several of us in the organization had the pleasure of knowing her for many years. Her legacy endures through the life saving work we do every day. Each life is precious, so please support us.

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