The Young Friends of Save A Pet, is an educational program started by the initiative of veterinarian and vice president of Save A Pet, Dr. Xavier Garcia.   His vision was to create a group of high school students whose career goal was to become veterinarians.  The objective of this program is to provide educational opportunities that would enrich the student’s knowledge in animal care and veterinary medicine, and assist Save A Pet in fundraising events.

With this in mind, the students of the veterinary clubs of Wellington High School and Oxbridge High School were contacted and they were very enthusiastic about the project.  

Dr. Garcia contacted Veterinarians Dr. Eric Schnirman and Dr. Karen Illel to assist him with mentoring the students and help orchestrate the different activities.  Ana Barreto, a marketing specialist will guide and mentor them in fundraising activities.

The group will have its own directive and representatives from each school.  Their efforts as a fundraising group is of importance since they will contribute to the medical care of pets of Save A Pet. Their parents are also welcome and encouraged to be part of our events.

Their first event was a tour at Palm Beach Veterinary Specialist in West Palm Beach.  This Specialty practice covers the areas of Surgery, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Radiology, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, and Ophthalmology.  The tour was guided by Dr. Michelle Tucker, who in addition to practicing emergency medicine, is the director of the animal blood bank.

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